Updating the 4 foot long windows
on the later model Tanzer 26's

Upgrading your TanzerUpgrade_your_Tanzer.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

By Joe Pitoniak

T26 #623 "Rogue"

On my T26 (4 foot long port lights) I made new windows from plexiglass using one of the old frames as a routing template:

I screwed the frame to a plank and cut out a pattern using the rim of the frame as a bearing guide. Then for each window, I stuck a piece of plexiglass onto the pattern using carpet tape and routed it out the same way. Next, I beveled the outside edge of each window with a chamfer bit, and carefully "polished" the finished edge with a propane torch. I used the existing hole pattern, but made the drilled holes large enough to accomodate #8 x 3/4" SS screws.

Fearing that 5200 would be too permanent, I purchased a roll of 1/2" wide butyl double stick tape from a glass shop. I applied this to the inside face of the window, leaving 1/16" from the edge for caulk. After screwing the window in place, I masked around it and ran a thin bead of 3M black silicone sealant around the top and end edges of the window. The combination of foam tape and silicone sealer is watertight. I don't know how many years it will last, but I do know that I can easily take them off and reseat (or replace) them again.

By the way, I removed the windows, drove home (35 miles), made the new windows, drove back to the lake and installed them, and went sailing. It was an easy one day project.

Photos of "Rogue" (T26 #623) with Updated Windows

Photos and article by Joe Pitoniak, T26 #623 "Rogue"

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