About the Tanzer 26


The Tanzer 26 Dimensions:

L.O.A.:    26'4" (8.03 m)

L.W.L.:    22'6" (6.86 m)

Beam:    8'8" (2.64 m)

Draft:    3'10" (1.17 m)

Vertical clearance:    33' (10.06 m)

Headroom:    5'11" (1.80 m)

Displacement:  4,350 lbs. (1975 kg.)

Ballast:    1,950 lbs. (885 kg.)

Designer & Date: Johann Tanzer, 1974

Sail Areas:

Main:    143 sq. ft. (13.28 sq. m.)

Working Jib:    117 sq. ft. (10.87 sq. m.)

Self-tacking jib:    127 sq. ft. (11.89 sq. m.)

No 1 Genoa (165%): 265 sq. ft. (24.62 sq. m.)

No 2 Genoa (125%): 195 sq. ft. (18.12 sq. m.)

Storm Jib:    70 sq. ft. (6.50 sq. m.)

Spinnaker:    500 sq. ft. (46.45 sq. m.)

I = 30.15 ft. (9.19 m)     P = 25.25 ft. (7.7 m)

J = 10.58 ft. (3.22 m)    E = 10.25 ft. (3.12 m)

Line drawing and sail plan

The Tanzer 26 was mainly produced in 2 different versions. Out of 960 units, the first 250 - 300 units were produced between 1975 and 1978 had a different configuration then the one produced after.

Early production first generation Tanzer 26 (1975, est. hull #1 to #50):


This boat offers qualities that will appeal to the cruising family as well as the

racing skipper. She provides both speed and responsiveness that is quite unusual for a production boat. But she is not just a fast sailboat that wins races. Her expansive and comfortable interior as well as forgiving nature make her a safe and easily handled cruising boat for the family. Quite rugged too; Tanzer 26 no. 226 sailed the North Atlantic from New York to Lorient France in 29 days.    


    The Tanzer 26 (T-26) is a mast head sloop designed in 1974. They were mainly built in Canada at the Vaudreuil plant of Tanzer Industries. After more then 40 years, all of the above is still very true as these overbuilt boat have aged extremely well, some even with little maintenance. On the 2015 market the ship is a tremendous value with some units under 5000 $CAD. The parts are easy to find and the ship is easy and cheap to maintain compared to several similar other brands or larger ships. One very interesting feature is that the ship can be adapted to several uses. As an example, the AABP Sea Scout Fleet in Québec has several units used for training and camp, with T-26 sail #28 as the fleet flagship. Others were extensively tuned as club racers.

    Although sail no. 226 crossed the Atlantic ocean (twice!) the best use for this ship is as a club racer, a weekender or an occasional cruiser.

All of the above makes this ship one of the best choice for someone browsing for a sailboat in the 25-27 feet range.

First generation Tanzer 26 (1975 - 1979 est. hull #51 to #280/290) :


Second generation Tanzer 26 (1979 - 1985) :