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Ordering a new T26 Rudder.

IdaSailor Marine Inc of Boise, Idaho 866-400-2204 or sailboats@idasailor.com
www.idasailor.com, www.ruddercraft.com, www.tillercraft.com
Offers an alternate "High Performance Rudder"

"Tanzer Boat Parts"

Eric Spencer, who was the president of Tanzer Industries, until 1985, when he sold his interest in the company, has been supplying replacement parts and sails for all Tanzer models since 1986, through Yachting Services.

Tanzer Boat Parts
P.O.Box 375
Hudson, QC. J0P 1H0

Telephone 450-458-4715
Fax 514-693-1124

The principals of this company are Steve Thom, an ex employee of Tanzer Industries, and Ken Hodgson, who owns Tanzer 22 #1093 "Sloop Du Jour", and is an avid sailor. Thus they are very familiar with the Tanzer product line and specifications, and are well qualified for this role.

Eric Spencer will work closely with them, and remains available to Tanzer owners for advice. info@yachtingservices.ca 514-697-6952. Eric is remaining in the boating industry, do you need a Prop Guard or a very Versatile Inflatable?

A partial list of the items available from Tanzer Boat Parts follows. Although this is posted on the Tanzer 22 web-site, it is the case that Tanzer Boat Parts can supply replacement parts and sails for all Tanzer models.

List of Tanzer Parts / list provided by "Tanzer Boat Parts"

Anchor well cover (no fittings, white only).

Backstay adjuster kit, for split backstay.

Boom vang

Boom vang plate.

Bow pulpit--7/8" diam., single.

Boarding ladder--4-step, transom mount, fold down.

Boom, with or without fittings.

Cabin top lifelines and handrails.

Cockpit cushions--2" white vinyl, 4 pcs.

Cockpit lifelines and pelican hooks.

Cockpit locker hatches--white only, bare.

Cockpit locker hatch sponge--20' roll.

Cockpit locker hatch hinges.

Cockpit locker hasp set.

Convertible hatch--retrofit kit.

Convertible hood--retrofit kit.

Companionway sliding hatch.


Genoa sheet block--screwdown stop.

Genoa sheet block--spring stop.

Genoa sheet turning block.

Gooseneck track.

Vent covers for dropboards and gas line vent.

Wheel steering--retrofit kit.


Mainsail--wire only, with shackle.

Jib/Genoa--wire only, with shackle.

Rope tails--main or jib/genoa.

Spinnaker--with snap shackle.

Head liner plugs--white.

Icebox--complete; woodgrain door.

Lifting bridle and keel plates--retrofit kit.

Mast, with or without fittings.

Mast heel casting.

Masthead fitting.

Mainsheet traveler--retrofit kit.


Port/Sbd running lights--side mounted.

Port/Sbd running lights--deck mounted.



Outboard motor bracket--spring-loaded, stainless steel.

Owner's guide--photocopy edition, postage included.

Port inserts--smoked acrylic.

Port spline--4' required per port.

Port sponge--4' required per port.

Rubrail--white PVC, with installation instructions.

Rubrail cap.

Rudder gudgeons.

Rudder pintles--long and short.

Rudder--new style; high performance.


Mainsheet--3/8" diam.

Jib sheets--3/8" diam.

Genoa sheets--7/16" diam.

Spinnaker halyard--c/w shackle; 5/16" diam.

Spinnaker sheets--c/w shackle; 5/16" diam.

Spinnaker pole uphaul--c/w snaphook; 5/16" diam.

Spinnaker pole downhaul--c/w snaphook; 5/16" diam.

(Prices include eye splices where applicable; choice red, blue, or green tracer).


Mainsail--5 oz.; includes 1 row jiffy reefing.

(add 20% for fully battened).

Working jib--5 oz.

Genoa #1--170% LP; 4 oz.

Genoa #2--145% LP; 4 oz.

Storm jib--8 oz; 50 sq. ft.

Spinnaker--triradial; racing; 0.75 oz.

Spinnaker--radial; 0.75 oz.

Spinnaker--cruising poleless; 0.75 oz.

Sail cover--main; acrylic; choice of colour.




Upper shroud.

Lower shroud.

Main topping lift.

Split backstay--retrofit kit.

Spinnaker gear--retrofit kit.

Spinnaker pole.


Stern rail--7/8" diam.; single.


Companionway hatch runners.

Dropboard channels.


Toe rail.

Cabin sole--teak and holly.

Turnbuttons--anchor well cover.


Gibb--5/16"; closed barrel.

Merriman style--5/16" open barrel.


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