A Bimini on the Tanzer 26

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The photos and text below provided by Al Evalds, "Dances with Fish" (Tanzer 26, Sail #683).

                             © photo copyright by Al Evalds, 1999.

Here's a bimini photo that shows how uncluttered the transom is; no tie down straps or support plumbing to get in my way. This was important because of the outboard motor and swim ladder.

If anyone would like more photos, with and without the Sunberella, they can e-mail me directly at: yodam@niagara.com.

If you would like to contact the manufacturer, their snail-mail address is:

      Thomas Marine

      P.O. Box 71

      Queenston, Ontario

      L0S 1L0

PS   The Pom-Poms were added as a joke by one of the club members. I'm looking

       for the matching fuzzy dice.

Al Evalds,

September 21, 1999.

"Dances with Fish", T26 #683.

Niagara-on the-Lake, Ontario

                                © photo copyright by Al Evalds, 1999.

I found a photo that shows my bimini in perspective to the rest of the T26.

I have received a few e-mails regarding the "bimini to boom" clearance. This picture shows the boom off to port (that's where I prefere to park it when anchored or at dock) so it doesn't show the true clearance. I have at least 2 inches clearance.

Another question is how much headroom is under the bimini? When Thomas Marine and I where designing the bimini, my concern was having a clear forward and aft view when I'm standing at the helm. At 5 foot 11 inches I have aprox. 2 inches of headroom when standing.

Al Evalds,

November 10, 1999.